Tahoe Camper
We know it’s not really an expedition vehicle, but when we first saw this job well done, we had to share it with you. If you’ve never heard of Host Campers, you’re in for a treat.

Host Campers Brandish Their Flawless Craftsmanship on the Tahoe Camper

Tahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe CamperTahoe Camper
The guys at Host seem like the kind of guys that just love the outdoors and like to spend as much time in it as possible. So much time, that they seem to have created a number of mobile living spaces so beautifully designed that it makes us raise one question, how?

Before you continue reading, have a look in the gallery if you haven't already, then come back to the text to get a better understanding of what you just saw.

What you’ve just witnessed has not been the interior to a luxury yacht, nor a five-star hotel. It has been the interior of a nine-and-a-half-foot camper. Known as the Tahoe, she is one of the smaller works from Host but still offers a comfort that reminds me of home, a really relaxing mobile home.

To learn a bit about how it’s done, let's get to work on the exterior. This is really the key to the Tahoe's capabilities. What we find is a 100% aluminum structure, the exterior of which is covered in fiberglass. The walls, floor and ceiling include vacuum bonded foam for insulation.

Tahoe Camper
The entire structure then extends with three slide-outs. It's these slide-outs that are the real secret to the Tahoe. While extended, the camper has a width of 96 inches (243 cm) and an overall length of 17 feet 1 in. (520 cm) giving you and the designers more than enough room to play in.

Now, inside is really where this vehicle shows us the level of comfort, we’ll be living in. We can start with the simplest of features, the bathroom. We are shown a shower that is larger than that of other campers we’ve seen. I’ve seen this size of shower in homes. Off in a separate space we find the toilet, a sink, and cupboards for your personal belongings. But if the weather is nice, an outdoor shower is also available.

Next up would be the dining area. Here we find a faux leather booth, prepared with a table that can be removed in order to turn seating into bedding suitable for maybe two guests. To make a dinner that you could even show off to your guests, you’ll need a kitchen. Sure, an outdoor kitchen would be nice, but am I the only one who likes to cook naked and prefers an interior one instead?

The kitchen is prepared with a three-top burner, folding stove cover and a deep sink. To make sure you can store all your groceries with you, an 8-cu.ft. fridge with two-way double doors is just about as big as the one in my home. The countertops are Grani-Coat solid surface tops, and plenty of cabinet work underneath.

Tahoe Camper
Now at the rear, right behind the TV mount, we can see a bedroom. This space is designed for nothing more than the bed and some cabinets to store belongings in. But if the queen-sized option is not enough for you and your significant other, then simply opt for the king size, at an extra cost of course.

Of course, there are electric works throughout the vehicle, but standard, you’ll be running those things off batteries. However, an option for solar panels exists. So many options and variations of layout for the Tahoe exist that we would need ten to 15 minutes of your day running you through them all.

But if you must, we’ll run a few past you. A satellite dish for your 24-inch TV. Four speakers with Bluetooth capabilities and even an external set-up. Outside we have an option for a BBQ, but more importantly, solar panels.

If you’d like to know more give a click here. And don’t forget about the video below.

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