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Horrific Dirt Track Accident, but Only One Broken Leg, Thankfully

A race day ends very bad for solo dirt racer Jake Turner, 19, as he loses control of his bike and smashes a concrete wall in his way. The incident takes place at the Rosebank Speedway, in New Zealand, and despite the horrific crash, Jake was lucky to come off with a broken left leg.
Horrific Dirt Track Accident 1 photo
It looks like several bikes clash and one of the riders in the middle of the pack goes down. However, his bike's rear wheel acts like ramp for Jake's bike as he runs over it in full throttle.

Unable to avoid the fallen bike, Turner's front wheel reaches the ramp and he is no longer able to control the machine. Acceleration causes him and his bike to become airborne and smash in the upper side of the concrete walla t the side of the track.

The impact is extremely violent, and the wall gives way, most likely saving Jake from more extensive injuries, as the force of the crash is being absorbed in the destructive process. It may sound a bit weird, but Jake was lucky.


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