Horribly Close Call for Innocent Scooter Riders

Even though it’s a widely-spread stereotype, not all Asian riders are responsible for causing some of the nastiest crashes the internet has ever seen: some of them are drivers!
Horribly Close Call for Innocent Scooter Riders 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
The crash recorded by this dash cam could have turned into a real massacre and only inches separated the 4 scooter riders from being most likely smeared into oblivion all over the place, with at least two of them having zero chances to make it in one piece, let alone alive from this accident.

While they are patiently waiting to enter the intersection, just like the dash camera car, a small van and a truck are approaching from the other direction, but driving in different lanes. With a one of the feet of the suspended road separating the two lanes, the driver of the van has zero visibility to check with the traffic to his left. Still judging by the blue traffic sign, he doesn’t even have to as it appears that the truck is actually driving on the wrong side of the road.

As the van steers to the left, it impacts the front section of the truck, aligning it on a collision course with the 4 riders, camera car and the vehicles which were most likely lined up behind them. The truck driver appears to steer right, trying - and thankfully managing to avoid smashing into the scooter group. He seems to have also missed the camera car as well, even though we can vouch other chaps behind weren’t that lucky.

Still, we can safely presume that the speed of the truck decreased enough to cause less damage than it was capable of in the first place. Wonder what the cops said when they reached the crash site. Anyway, you could turn down the volume a bit, as there’s some pretty shrill screaming from one of the car passengers; not sure why, but seeing the scooter riders alright, the screams become somehow funny…

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