Hopeful Bosch CEO Says 2023 It's When We Go Back to Normal

Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung is optimistic regarding the chip shortage. He believes 2023 will be the year when business operations return to normal.
Bosch CEO says chip crisis might end in 2023 6 photos
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Cleanroom in Bosch factory in GermanyBosch facility in Reutlingen, GermanyBosch facility in Reutlingen, GermanyBosch facility in Reutlingen, GermanyBosch factory in Dresden, Germany
Bosch’s CEO held a press conference where he confirmed that the chip crisis might come to an end next year. He says the second half of 2022 will start with improvements in deliveries, while 2023 should mean the return to business as usual. “Hopefully in 2023 we can work at the pace we want to,” Stefan Hartung pointed out.

While carmakers are still tiptoeing around this issue and are trying to figure out what to do best with supply chain problems, Bosch remains confident deliveries in Europe will increase from 80 million vehicles 2021 to 85 million in 2022.

"Last year we felt very clearly that we didn't have enough chips to meet demand. That will become better in 2022, significantly so in the second half," said the CEO, according to Reuters.

Bosch is present in more markets and produces different goods, but the mobility division is its biggest gainer. Despite the crisis, the company still saw some growth last year.

With Bosch signaling the end of this situation, there’s real hope for customers who want a new car faster and without markups. But carmakers are still disagreeing on this issue. Volkswagen is saying you should be prepared for delays, while Tata Motors confirms the chip supply problem will fade away.

Bosch is also disagreeing with other chipmakers like Infineon, who says nothing will change in 2022.

That being said, Bosch also doesn’t plan on investing more than the already announced 400 million euros in chipmaking.

For better or worse, we should be prepared to face more delays in deliveries. After all, Ford recently announced important changes for eight of its plants – and none of them good for the customers that await their new cars.
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