Hoopy Is a Wooden Bicycle You Can Build at Home

After we took a look at the quite-expensive-bicycle of the future last week, here’s a new interesting project that can be done at home with a minimal set of tools and under $100. It’s called the Hoopy and it’s made mostly of wood.
Hoopy wooden bicycle 7 photos
Hoopy wooden bicycleHoopy wooden bicycleHoopy wooden bicycleHoopy wooden bicycleHoopy wooden bicycleHoopy wooden bicycle
If you’re the “built not bought” kind of person and you like riding on two wheels, this little wooden bike might raise your interest. Wooden Widget have developed detailed plans on how to create your own wooden, functional bicycle using some basic tools you typically find in your garage.

The light box section plywood frame keeps the weight low while offering a tough construction and multiple customizing possibilities. The drive chain and sprockets are also contained within the frame so there’s no need for mud guards and you won’t touch the greasy chain with your leg or clothes.

There’s also enough room left in the chassis to store some tools, carry your groceries or even mount a battery pack and a motor to switch from muscle to electric power. Of course, that will be your business, as the original Wooden Widget plans only show you how to build the basic bicycle.

More than 200 images and 30,000 words are used to give the buyer step-by-step instructions on how to get the materials, cut the wood for the frame and glue all the pieces with epoxy to create one sturdy piece. The wheels, pedals, sprockets, grab bars and other bike-related parts can be salvaged from an old bicycle or bought from any bike store.

The original design is able to fit most adult sizes, but the plans include mods to adjust the dimensions to accommodate smaller or taller people. The finished frame is bonded using epoxy glue and there’s no fastener in it, yet it is very strong, weighs 3 kilos and will last a long time once you varnish it.

Wooden Widget asks £20 (€24/$26.5) for the complete plans and they also promise to plant 5 trees on your behalf if you buy them.


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