Honest Mechanic Warns Americans To Not Say This One Thing When Taking the Car to the Shop

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This auto mechanic is known for keeping his business transparent and respecting his customers. While he may be upfront about certain costs for various repairs, it’s good to know you can trust the person that’s fixing your vehicle. Now he has a warning for Americans but, to be honest, everyone should just listen to this man’s words.
Car Wizard started doing YouTube stuff after working closely with Hoovies Garage. He was encouraged to go online with his business and create videos about his life as a mechanic since he made a good impression on TV. People liked the man because he was honest and, at times, even brutally transparent about certain car repairs. Now he’s telling us something important. We should take notice.

Even though he still works with Hoovies Garage and has a lot of customers coming in, Car Wizard doesn’t leave the shop to be a TV star or an Internet sensation. The man still spends time creating content for his followers.

As a passionate and honest mechanic, the man advises everyone to not give in to emotions when the car inevitably needs an important repair. It happens to everyone who owns a vehicle. Something breaks. Sometimes it’s a cheap thing that needs replacing, while in other instances, you might have to break the piggy bank. If you feel like something important failed or is about to, then you might already feel resigned about it. Don’t!

Car Wizard says nobody should ever go with the car to the shop and tell mechanics or other employees that a major part replacement is acceptable.

The man argues you might be invited to buy that expensive piece even if it’s not needed! You should first tell them what you noticed. Then ask what’s wrong, but only after an initial inspection has been done. Now request a price quote (or, better even, a diagnosis) to be able to compare it with another shop’s offer and assessment, and just after all these steps, you should decide to fix the car for the right amount of money wherever is better.

The auto mechanic explains that’s the exact situation of one of his customers that brought in a 2011 Smart Fortwo. The owner was ready to accept that the transmission needed replacing. Of course, such an operation wasn’t going to be cheap. Instead of indulging the person that was prepared to pay a lot to fix the car, Car Wizard told them to wait. He discovered the actual issue – it was a wiring problem. More precisely, the transmission couldn’t communicate with the car’s computer because mice (or other rodents) chewed up the wires.

Moreover, replacing the automatic gearbox wouldn’t have changed a thing in this particular case. That’s why diagnosing and inspecting the vehicle is important before moving on to complicated procedures.

“You guys need to be so careful when you take your car to a shop. Do not tell them you’re ready for a new transmission because… Guess what? They’ll sell you one! Whether you need it or not! (…) It’s sad, it’s sad that mechanic shops have come to (this),” said Car Wizard.

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