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HondaJet Plane Receives European Certification, Deliveries Also Begin

HondaJet, the first-ever commercial plane designed by the Honda Aircraft Company, has received European certification.
HondaJet over The Alps 5 photos
HondaJet Receives European CertificationHondaJetHondaJetHondaJet Receives European Certification
The achievement means that Honda’s aircraft complies with European safety regulations and can operate in the European Union. The HondaJet already has equivalent certifications in the United States of America and Mexico. Other countries will follow, as customers gather to buy the $4.85 Million private airplane.

The HondaJet is certified for single pilot operation, and can seat up to six passengers. Honda’s first commercial aircraft claims to be the fastest, highest-flying, most fuel-efficient, and quietest in its class.

These are bold statements, but Honda says it achieves them all thanks to its unique “Over-The-Wing Engine Mount.” The latter refers to a configuration designed to improve performance by reducing drag.

The same configuration chosen for the HondaJet is claimed to provide the largest baggage capacity in its class, as well as the roomiest cabin. From the pilot’s point of view, the new aircraft from Honda comes with a sophisticated glass flight deck, including a Honda-customized Garmin G3000 unit. The latter is a touch-screen operated flight deck, specifically designed for light turbine aircraft.

Naturally, the HondaJet is destined for business customers, and already has been commissioned by several operators in Europe and North America. The aircraft can reach a maximum cruise speed of 422 knots, the ground speed equivalent of 486 mph (782 km/h). Meanwhile, its maximum altitude is 43,000 feet (13,1 kilometers), and has an NBAA IFR range of 1,223 nautical miles. The latter converts to 1,408 miles (2,265 km).

The first flight of the production HondaJet took place on June 27, 2014. While other automakers are involved in aviation or other branches of the transportation industry, Honda Aircraft Company is an entirely owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Company. Honda’s Aircraft company was founded only a decade ago, and is headquartered in North Carolina. The first flight of the production HondaJet

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