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Honda Vultus Becomes a Bloody Batbike and We Sort of Like It

Jakusa Design's Tamas Jakus brings forward a bold and striking concept that mixes two things that are apparently hard to combine: Batman and the Honda NM4. And looking at this bike, we're glad that Honda decided to add a proper name to it besides the ever-uninspiring letter/number combo.
Batman's Vultus 1 photo
If anything, Vultus sounds tenfold better than NM4, and looks like one of the perfect names for the Batmanized machine. Being a digital rendering, working with the shapes is possible to an extent that does not exist in the real life, but Jakus preferred to play with colors and not shapes.

The Vultus was thrashed a bit, or maybe a bit more, and lost many of its edgy details. The rims received aggressive off-road tires and a red Batman signature adorns them in a truly... bloody way.

With the bat blazon proudly on display on the machine and bullet holes accompanying it, it looks like the Vultus has already seen its fair share or violent action.

What's interesting, in a way, is that Batman's Vultus does not appear to be equipped with any sort of guns. Of course, we can't simply expect this to be his leisure motorcycle, and we can almost swear that Tamas imagined what sorts of weaponry could be fitted underneath the battered hulls.

Honestly, we'd have been quite happy to see the bike in its battle-ready mode, all guns blazing and all, and with a different exhaust silencer, if hardly one at all.

When speed is of the essence, several kilos shaved from the bike can make a big difference, so if we were Batman's mechanics, we'd have tossed away that huge can. Or at least install a small one, in the vein of Two Brother Racing's S1R shorty cans, in case Batman insisted on having a silencer on the Vultus.


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