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Honda to Build Fit Sedan, Hatchback and Crossover in Mexico

Honda has announced that it will be building two additional variants of their popular Fit/Jazz city car - a sedan and a crossover. An inside source told that the all three variants of the Fit will be built at Honda’s new plant, which is currently under construction in Mexico.
Honda Fit 1 photo
It has yet to be decided whether or not to sell all three variants in the US, but the idea is reportedly being seriously considered. They say that with the downsizing trend gaining ground in the States, people will want to drive smaller cars, yet they will want to preserve the same body style, so for example a Civic sedan driver who is looking to downsize, could choose the Fit-based sedan, and therefor still drive a Honda.

Their Mexican plant, which is set to go online in 2014, has an annual capacity of 200,000 units, and 30% of its output will stay in Mexico, as Honda’s sales in the country have been steady in recent years, and so far in the year have recorded a 53% increase through October, rising from 36,209 units sold last year, to 42,933 units sold this year.


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