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Honda's Service Centers Are Good Enough for Pompous Albert

Meet Pompous Albert. The name says it all: the man is definitely pompous, and his parents definitely didn't love him all that much if they decided to baptize him Albert.
Pompous Albert Honda commercial 7 photos
Pompous Albert Honda commercialPompous Albert Honda commercialPompous Albert Honda commercialPompous Albert Honda commercialPompous Albert Honda commercialPompous Albert Honda commercial
Except Pompous Albert is not a man. He's not even hu-man. He's the latest feline to star in a commercial - well, we say "star" when all he really does is give us that disapproving glance that all cat owners know too well.

But why would Honda use a cat in an ad for its Authorized Service Centers? We will ignore you even thought about asking such a ridiculous question: because cats make everything better. What have you been doing on the Internet these past years if you don't know this by now? Do you even know what "I can haz cheezburger" is?

Let's change the subject before we get all riled up by your lack of knowledge. Well, perhaps we should get off our high horse and admit to the fact that we didn't know about Pompous Albert before Honda got involved either.

It turns out the curly-furred critter is a bit of a star online, with more Instagram followers than we'll ever have - unless we get loads of cats ourselves, that is. The gremlin-looking kitty is just as displeased with you as the more famous Grumpy Cat, but definitely lacks his cute part. In fact, Pompous Albert could have been just as well called Creepy Albert because there's no doubt he looks at you as though he's plotting ways in which to end your insignificant life.

Which makes his change of mood as he visited one of Honda's Authorized Service Centers all the more impressive. We're old enough to know this is a commercial and we shouldn't take things so literally, but we'd really like to stay on Albert's good side, so we'd advise you to play along. Who's a good kitty? Sorry, Albert, we meant "who's a good Master of the Universe?"


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