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Honda Rolls Out Super Affordable U-GO Electric Scooter, Made for Urban Riding

Wuyang Honda, the Japanese manufacturer's Chinese arm, recently launched the Honda U-GO electric scooter. Designed for urban riding, there are two versions of the U-GO, which are made to adapt to every rider's need.
Honda U-GO electric scooter 8 photos
Honda U-GO electric scooterHonda U-GO electric scooterHonda U-GO electric scooterHonda U-GO electric scooterHonda U-GO electric scooterHonda U-GO electric scooterHonda U-GO electric scooter
The regular variant is powered by a 1.2 kW hub motor, which provides a top speed of 53 kph (33 mph). The e-scooter offers a claimed range of around 65 km (40 miles). If that is not enough for a daily commuter, the range can be extended to 130 km (81 miles) with twin battery packs.

For those who want a less powerful ride, there's also a low-speed variant that gets an 800 W continuous hub motor and a lower top speed of just 43 kph (27 mph). Both models have a removable 48V 30Ah lithium-ion battery pack.

Look-wise, the U-GO features Honda's "Simple and Clean" design concept as the core. It's a sporty scooter fitted with a utility box, a USB charging port, and a large 26-liter under-seat storage. The e-scooter gets a negative LCD display that shows the speed, battery percentage, and mileage reading.

It can seat two people and is fairly light, weighing just 83 kg (183 lbs). Its reasonable body width facilitates parking and allows for excellent maneuverability around the city. The scooter also comes with a folding aluminum alloy rear pedal and a front box.

This thing is not only practical, but it also marks a pretty high score on the affordability scale. The U-GO is priced at 7,499 RMB, which is the equivalent of $1,150 USD. That's actually cheaper than some e-bikes on the market.

The bad news? Honda has only announced its new toy for the Chinese market. However, electric scooter companies like NIU have started their journey in China first before going global. So, perhaps there's a chance Honda will follow up the same path.


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