Honda RC213V-S Racing Kit Costs Some Extra €12,000, Are We Looking at a Lemon?

We already reported on the disappointment almost the entire motorcycling world felt when Honda revealed the much-anticipated RC213V-S MotoGP-derived street-legal bike. With 159 horsepower in stock trim, the RC213V-S is nothing to write home about, no matter how much GP technology is infused in it.
Honda RC213V-S 1 photo
Photo: Honda
The 40 hp difference between it and other rivals such as the new Ducati Panigale or the 2015 BMW S1000RR are a huge gap that can't be bridged too easily, and this will most likely show up in the upcoming drag racing videos that are about to surface.

The bike can tap into the 200+ hp area, but only when fitted with an optional racing kit. Even so, the peak power is only a tad superior to that of what other superbikes offer at a fraction of the price. Plus, installing the kit will eliminate the road-legal attribute of the bike. Want more? Well, there's no warranty any longer, Honda says.

Extra money, no warranty, and no longer street-legal

So basically, you get a moderately-potent bike for €188,000 in Europe ($184,000 in the US) and spend some extra €12,000 on the race kit to make it comparable to other street bikes... but can't ride it on the street.

These are the contents and features of the race kit:

-Engine control unit
-Fr air duct
-Exhaust muffler
-AI joint cover set
-Spark plug
-Loadcell type quick shifter
-Gear shift drum (reverse)
-Data logger set
-Rr cushion connecting rod
-Fr brake pad
-Fr brake lever remote adjuster
-Thermostat set
-Sprocket set
-Clutch guard (CFRP)
-Fr cowl under cover
-Fr winker holeýplug
-Seat back rubber
-Lower cowl drain cap
-Harness modification set
-Fr/Rr maintenance stand
-Indoor machine cover.

Oh, and why we left the price tag in Euro only? Because the race kit will not be available for purchase in the US! The info on the official RC213V-S website is even more alarming as far as the US model goes. Tech specs tell us that the RC213V-S only produces 101 hp at 8,000 rpm which is, sorry to say it, an insult.

Asking such money for a bike that's less powerful than an off-the-mill CBR600RR is funny, to say the least. Still, we know there will be a lot of rich fellows who will buy the RC213V-S and some of them won't even ride it, looking forward to future auctions.

From a commercial point of view, however, the Honda RC213V-S starts to look like a lemon. One can get a track-only 300hp Ninja H2R for a quarter of the money, and this is only one of the choices. It will definitely be funny to see how the RC213V-S fares...
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