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Honda RC213V MotoGP Engine to Power Project 2&4 Car

Honda is planning to mix motorcycles and cars in what is now called Honda Project 2&4. Frankly, we're a bit torn apart between the novelty factor of this idea and the fact that the memory of the RC213V-S, with its disappointing performance specs in stock trim and price is hard to forget.
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The whole idea of building a small, open-top, race-like four-wheeler powered by a proven race bike engine is not exactly new, but it looks like nobody can have enough of such contraptions.

Little info on the Honda Project 2&4 is currently available, so it is hard to tell whether the house of Tokyo has plans for a production version or is only taking a step on the wild side of vehicle design.

In the last years, we've seen that this particular segment is becoming increasingly dynamic, with the Polaris Slingshot being only the latest addition to the "uncanny vehicles" roster. Of course, the Slingshot is powered by an EcoBoost engine and not a motorcycle one, but the whole idea is in a way, similar: a three- or four-wheeled open-top vehicle that's fast and can provide exhilarating experiences.Honda's motorcycle and automobile design labs shake hands for the Project 2&4
According to a rather skimpy press release, Honda Project 2&4 is the result of a collaboration between the company's "motorcycle design centre in Asaka and by Honda's automobile design centre in Wako, Japan," and its goal is to produce "an immersive driving environment combining the experience Honda has in providing the freedom of a motorcycle and the maneuverability of a car."

Honda does not offer any further information as to whether they will be using the standard version of the RC213V engine, as in that which is used in MotoGP, or the powerplant in the street-legal RC213V-S model.

We suspect that the latter option has better odds of becoming reality, as Honda will have more engines available in case Project 2&4 grows. Even so we are wondering what mapping and setup will Honda use, the standard, 159 hp version, or the one equipped with a racing kit and capable of 215 HP?

At €200,000 (Europe price), the racing kit version of RC213V-S is insanely expensive, and more powerful and evil bikes can be had for a fraction of the price. In case Honda Project 2&4 follows in the steps of the RC213V-S as far as prices go, we dare ask if Honda is planning to launch their lemon business officially.

Honda revealed a behind the scenes video of Casey Stoner riding the RC213V-S, but we're not sure if Casey's legendary status and charisma can do something to soothe the burning sensation left by the bike's price.

We might be present at Frankfurt this year and we'll bring you photos of the new RC213V-powered Honda car, so make sure you check back with us.

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