Honda Makes the 2013 Shadow Phantom Look Mean

It's been quite a while since we've last seen bikes with a very mean look from Honda. Thankfully Honda has not forgotten how to make them and the 2013 Shadow Phantom is just the proof.
2013 Honda Shadow Phantom 1 photo
The matte black paint work has a strange glow to is and matches the frame and even the headlight. With black covering the rims and the very engine, the 2013 Honda Shadow Phantom has really made it into the gang of cool bikes.

The only chrome-covered thing is the 2-in-2 exhaust, with forks and tank-mounted gauges housing shining in a pale silver. We'd have loved a disc rear brake instead of the drum, but it seems we can;t always get what we want. Honda hasn't provided a price for the 2013 Shadow Phantom yet, and also there's no word on ABS equipping this 745cc dark machine.


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