Honda EV-N Concept Car Video

This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” That’s what Armstrong said when he stepped off the Eagle’s footpad and into history as the first man to set foot on the Moon. This happened in 1969, a time when Honda was building the N360 and N600 kei cars.

It’s been a while since, and we haven’t moved to the moon yet. We don’t drive flying cars, but just a few electric powered ones. And car manufacturers really need to change this.

As one of the many responses to the new eco-trend, Honda presented at the Tokyo Motorshow the new all electric car EV-N kei car concept, where old meets new into one of the most weird looking things you’ll ever see.

Despite the tiny size, the EV is a four-seater. Rear seat may need folding down as you might want to store something in the trunk, like an orange. Helping to keep the power up is a solar panel...

Battery energy level is displayed on the car’s front grille, letting the others know whether your car is going to start, stop or turn. Same information is available to the driver thanks to a in-dash screen.

Honda says that the EV-N creates a “fun, easygoing relationship between person and car” (whatever that is) and that they want people to drive this car “in the same carefree way they talk to friends on a mobile phone or listen to tunes on a music player”.

Even if you may be inclined to believe so, the EV-N is no bumper car, but a good concept for inner-city commute.

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