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Honda CR-Z Set for July 13 China Launch

While Honda’s clever sporty hybrid CR-Z has yet to break any sales records thus far, the Japanese giant will try to sell it to the Chinese, starting next month. The car is set for a July 13th launch, despite the fact that it should have been launched at the end of last month.
Honda CR-Z in China 1 photo
It is strange that they have chosen to sell the not-so-sucessful CR-Z in a country where the market is dominated by either petrol/diesel or all-electric vehicles, when it comes to new car purchases. However, considering the fact that it has a manual gearbox and the electric motor will actually boost performance, in a similar manner to that of a turbocharger, maybe it will win some Chinese fans.

The CR-Z will be sold through the Gouangzhou-Honda dealership network already set up throughout the country, and it will be priced around the 300,000 Yuan (€48,000) - a very steep price for a car which, in order to sell well, should have had the price on its side, i. e. lower.

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