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Honda CR-Z Gets Supercharger Kit from Jackson Racing

When we drove the Honda CR-Z, we had a little bit of fun, but we would’ve like some extra muscle and now US aftermarket developer Jackson Racing is here to solve that problem.
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Honda CR-Z Supercharger Kit by Jackson RacingHonda CR-Z Supercharger Kit by Jackson Racing
The company is offering a supercharger kit for the internal combustion engine in the CR-Z powertrain. The package offers an extra 50 hp and 45 lb-ft (61 Nm) of torque, which means that, at the crank, the engine will deliver a total of 172 hp and 173 (234Nm) lb-ft of torque.

And since the whole point of the CR-Z is to be fuel efficient, Jackson Racing, claims that the efficiency figures are not affected “when driven normally”. The Honda CR-Z supercharger kit is offered in various stages of power, with the prices for these tech goodies ranging from $3,995 (EUR3,229 at the current exchagne rates) to $4,995 (EUR4,038).


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