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Honda Confident New Civic Type-R Will Break Nurburgring FWD Record!

In the transition from the Honda Civic Type-R EP3 (2001 - 2005), to the FN3 version, which was made until earlier this year, when it was replaced by the new model, was not what we’d call progress. The FN3 lost the EP3’s multilink rear suspension, which was replaced with a cost-cutting rear torsion beam, it also lost that car’s hydraulic steering pump, which made the driving experience much number, while at the same time gaining weight without any extra power from the 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated engine.
Honda HR412E Engine 1 photo
Now, though, the all-new Civic Type-R, which will make its debut in 2015, along with the facelift for the current generation car, will reportedly be the fastest front-wheel driven car around the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The record is currently held by what is arguably the best-balanced of the current crop of high-powered front-wheel driven machines - the Renault Megane RS Trophy, which lapped the famed German track in 8:07.97, last year.

The new Type-R will be powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged unit, which will break with tradition and use forced induction. It is reportedly closely related to their WTCC engine, and should put out in excess of 260 hp. We are currently skeptical about this information, but we would like it to be true, as a Honda with a lot of power and a turbocharger is definitely interesting to say the least. Also, they may use rear-wheel steering on the new Type-R, and if it works as well as that on the Laguna Coupe GT, then it will make the new car an unbeatable proposition.

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