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Honda Civic Has a Horsesh** Grille, Looks Like a Bugatti Veyron if You Close Your Eyes

Horseshoe – what did you think we meant by that? We just didn’t say it out loud because we kind of believe that this car has SH written in front of IT.
Honda Civic 6 photos
Honda CivicBugatti VeyronBugatti VeyronBugatti VeyronBugatti Veyron
The result is obviously ridiculous, as what we have here is an old Honda Civic posing as a Bugatti Veyron wannabe. The execution, however, is a totally different story, as for the most part, it has been well built.

Everything aligns, including the custom bumper with a horseshoe grille in the middle, aftermarket headlights, fake side vents attached to the rear quarter panels, and the apron, and side skirts. If you look closely at its face, you will see a slight resemblance to the Mazda RX-8 (tell me I’m not the only one seeing it), but the goal was to come up with a Veyron vibe.

A two-tone finish, with yellow and black, contributes to the new looks, and the owner went as far as painting the rear wheels yellow, too. The front ones retain the silver hue, and for what it’s worth, they did not seem to have done anything to the interior. Still, we could be wrong, because this is the only picture of the hatchback uploaded to Reddit’s ‘bad’ car mods thread, and if you’re aware of others, do feel free to share them in the comments area.

Before scrolling down, however, we want to remind you about another car posing as a high-end machine that we wrote about last week. Yep, it’s that smart fortwo that sends Eleanor Mustang vibes with its new face, much longer than stock, complete with extra lights and custom headlamps, racing stripes, hood scoop, and other mods. And unlike this Honda Civic that aims for the sky, it has a very cute appeal to it that can probably be blamed on its pocket size.


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