Honda CBR600 Carcass Animated by Small Thumper Is the Strangest of Mules

Well... you decide if this is cool or fool 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
One of the funniest and coolest things when designing a vehicle that doesn't need any homologation is the fact that you have total freedom to experiment and the sky is the limit. That is, provided your budget is bigger than zero, and you can actually get some parts to work on.
This fellow and his "small tractor" hail from a rural part of Romania, and we were tricked into believing he actually used a Honda CBR600 to create this uncanny vehicle. However, when he fires the engine, the magic disappears... only to be replaced by a bigger surprise.

Now, we guess that we're not the only ones who thought they were about to see a CBR600 F3 chopped in half and put through its paces for agricultural chores. Well, tough luck, as it looks like all that's left from the Honda is a hollow carcass, devoid of its engine and all.

In fact, as this contraption starts to move, one can see right through the empty space left by the missing engine. The sound this unlikely tractor makes appears to come from a small-displacement single-cylinder powerplant, most likely a four-stroke one. Also, the weight of the carriage loaded with sand is not exactly negligible, and indicates a fairly torquey engine at play.

Not sure how well this vehicle would fare downhill with such loads, as the front brakes of the Honda appear to be the only braking system.

Some say that some extra stopping power may come from the carriage's front wheels, which serve as a veritable mid-wheel drive system for this three-axle contraption. It may be so, but in this case, stopping power is, in fact, the engine brake power, which is rather weak in small engines. We have to credit at least the creativity involved in this makeshift tractor, even though its performance may not be something about which you'd write home.

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