Honda and Repsol Turn MotoGP into BullyGP

I know there will be a lot of Marc Marquez supporters and Honda fans that will send me all their hate, but I just have to ask a very normal question in the bluntest way possible. So what if Repsol gathers its toys and leaves? So what if Honda would then call it quits, too? Is MotoGP Honda and Repsol? I guess not!
The Sepang incident between Rossi and Marquez is far from over. In fact, it generates even more reactions from all over the world and puts even bigger pressure on those who regulate the Grand Prix racing championship.

And the recent rumors of Yamaha thinking of sacking Lorenzo in 2016, the almost half a million signatures to the online petition and the social media war are only a few of the things that resulted from the Race Direction's decision.

In case you're new to this, I will tell you that RD handed Rossi three penalty points after the incident with Marquez at Sepang. Adding to the existing one point from Misano, Rossi will be forced to start at Valencia from the back of the grid.

Race Director Mike Webb admitted that both MM93 and VR46 rode in ways that were not exactly racelike, technically admitting the squirmish. Videos depicting how each rider reacted on several occasions are all over the internet, and they appear to show the Repsol Honda rider making unnecessarily aggressive moves towards the Yamaha pilot. The latter responded a few times, and openly admitted doing so.

Repsol took over the threatening game from Honda

Now, even though neither Race Direction nor other competent Grand Prix or FIM authorities were able to prove the kick Marquez, Honda, and, more recently, Repsol mentioned, I fail to understand why is this still an issue.

Recent statements from Repsol kept on with the bashing and mentioned the "unsportsmanlike kick to the Repsol Honda rider that knocked him (Marquez) to the ground." And this was followed by threats of retiring from MotoGP, threats that were openly uttered: "it would not make sense for Repsol to participate in the sport as a sponsor."

Now, we've been hearing such things for quite a while now, incidentally coming from pretty much the same direction - Honda Racing Corporation. It's been more than once or twice that HRC officials threatened they would retire. Needless to say, they never did.

After seeing more manufacturers making efforts to return to MotoGP and among them even KTM, who used to complain that the GP racing had appalling return of investment rates, I no longer believe that this series is a financial black hole.

What I DO believe is that manufacturers indeed have a lot to win by running a factory team in MotoGP. Otherwise, what would be the point for Suzuki, which only years ago went through bankruptcy with a sizeable part of their business, to want to return to MotoGP?

Why would Aprilia, who aren't exactly the richest fellows on earth, want to field a MotoGP factory team? Why would KTM change their mind and put up a factory team for 2017? And why does MV Agusta also start making preparations for a premier class comeback?

Why would Ducati almost steal Gigi Dall'Igan from Aprilia and give him virtually unlimited resources and free hand to take Borgo Panigale back on the MotoGP podium?

Are all these guys a bunch of idiots? I "guess" they are not. Are they only chasing good old glory and adding more trophies to their halls of fame? Definitely not, not in the age of corporations when money is the only thing that matters.

They want to be part of this because it's worth doing this! It's worth spending money to test far-out technologies and theories in the most grueling conditions one meets on the tarmac. If there is some glory to be won, all the better!

Until when will Dorna feel comfortable swallowing all this BS coming from HRC, and now, from Repsol, too?

So my question is "why doesn't Repsol call it quits?" According to them, the MotoGP became unbearable, a monstrous place where riders kick rivals out of the race, so why bother?

If riders like Rossi kick other competitors off the track during a race (despite the fact that such proof is 100% ABSENT), why is Repsol condoning with the brutalizing championship? Maybe it is indeed time to let go and find a nice home in a series where everything they imagine does come to fruition, right?

Even if Repsol goes away, they will do so in shame, as a lot of people are convinced that there was no kick. Repsol is stubbornly maintaining this silly story, and frankly, I just can't wait to see how it will end.

HRC will be left without a title sponsor, but with the manufacturer's prestige and racing heritage, finding a new one, albeit not Spanish, should not be hard.

Or maybe Honda will also decide to retire from the MotoGP, like Kawasaki, KTM and Suzuki did back in the day. MotoGP is not Honda. There is money to be lost if HRC decides to leave the MotoGP, for sure. Still, this will not be a fatal blow. Honda will not take MM93 or DP26 with them, and Marquez and Pedrosa ARE top riders that CAN find a job on the grid.

With Honda missing from the track, some fans will maybe no longer be THAT interested in watching MotoGP races, but they are not a majority, not by a long shot. New stars will rise, and the unified software already promises much more competitive championships in the future.

This editorial is not about Race Direction’s decision, neither about Rossi starting from the back row at Valencia. Definitely not about the online petition some believe could change RD's verdict, even though it shows how much disapproval the ruling faces. It's not about Marc Marquez' riding style or Lorenzo's vituperations against his teammate.

This is about a simple desire to see Honda and their 2-decade Repsol friends and sponsors putting an end to the bullying. I am not in Carmelo Ezpeleta's shoes, but if I were, I am not at all sure I could hold in that final "Then GTF out!" shout.
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