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Honda and Acura NSX Crossover Looks Almost Ready to Fight Urus in Super-SUV Game

After automakers managed to formally establish the coupe-SUV genre as part of automotive culture, they’re off to face the next self-imposed challenge. And it seems ultra-high-performance crossovers are the next viable target. We have seen the potential of the Lamborghini Urus already, and also Ford’s way of electrically redoing the Mustang into the Mach-E. So, what lies halfway between ICE and fully electric? A hybrid, of course.
Honda / Acura NSX crossover SUV render 9 photos
Honda / Acura NSX crossover SUV render2022 Acura MDX prototype2022 Acura MDX prototype2022 Acura MDX prototype2022 Acura MDX prototype2022 Acura MDX prototype2022 Acura MDX prototype2022 Acura MDX prototype
Well, according to a Japanese media report, said hybrid might arrive in the form of an Acura / Honda NSX crossover derivative. Do not jump screaming out in terror just yet for the legacy of the Honda Performance Manufacturing Center model. The case is more than logical. Especially in this SUV-driven world that we currently live in.

While the second-generation hybrid supercar is a halo car for the Japanese automaker – one made with pride and passion, as well as ample technical knowledge – all the hype does not necessarily translate into huge sales. Crossovers and SUVs, on the other hand, do. And no one can deny there’s ample space in the Honda / Acura lineups for a flagship high-riding model.

The idea seemed good enough for the Japanese media outlet to come up with a possible take on a NSX crossover, but we’re more interested in the different take on the styling brought to our attention by the European publication

While it’s not necessarily the best idea to get some obvious inspiration from a rival, the Urus-like rendition of the possible NSX crossover is also a lot more plausible than mixing the NSX with Civic DNA for the sake of creating an ugly SUV. The botched Acura ZDX episode should provide some massive hints.

Now, both depictions should be taken with a (huge) grain of salt, because the NSX’s advanced technical platform would certainly require a lot of adaptation from Honda for turning it into a viable SUV.

But how about taking Acura’s new architecture that will underpin the fourth-generation 2022 MDX instead – and just spice it up with NSX design cues?! Well, that would be some neat food for thought...

Editor's note: We added pictures of the 2022 Acura MDX prototype to the gallery.


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