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Home Appliances Manufacturer Planning an Apple Car Rival

We’re known for a while that some tech companies are preparing an ambitious expansion in the automotive industry, but now it looks like pretty much everybody in this sector wants to manufacture a car.
SmartMi is building impressive smart home electronics 10 photos
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SmartMi, mostly known for its smart home electronics, such as the air purifiers sold by Xiaomi itself, is reportedly interested in the launch of its very own passenger car.

Needless to say, everything is currently based on people close to the matter, but the project is still in the early days, and there’s no guarantee it would reach the mass production phase.

However, SmartMi seems to be eyeing a project that’s very similar to what most tech companies want to do in the auto industry. The firm is trying to bring its know-how to the automotive world and therefore build an electric vehicle or a self-driving car that would heavily rely on technology.

SmartMi is believed to be eyeing an SUV as its first passenger car, but the vehicle could end up using pretty much any body style as the design process hasn’t been finalized just yet.

Many believe SmartMi’s car ambitions are in some way linked with Xiaomi’s, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Most likely, the two are working on separate and independent projects, so at one point, customers should be able to choose from cars from both brands.

SmartMi is believed to be eyeing a collaboration with a traditional carmaker, especially because it doesn’t necessarily have the resources to manufacture a car from scratch. But at this point, no names have been revealed as to who could end up building its vehicle.

Clearly, a smart appliance manufacturer launching a car is a very ambitious project, so don’t be too surprised if the idea is abandoned overnight and SmartMi decides to stick with what it already does impressively well. Of course, no official information on this project has been offered, so you should totally take everything with a very healthy dose of skepticism.


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