Holograms of Disabled People Stopped Russian Motorists from Parking on Their Spots

The idea may not be new, but we think it never gets old. Using innovative means to make a point, that is. And this Russian non-profit organization thought of a clever way to raise awareness over how important parking spots for physically challenged people are.
Holograms of Disabled People Stopped Russian Motorists from Parking on Their Spots 1 photo
Photo: Bird Strategy, Inc.
You may have heard of the misuse of disabled parking permits over in the US, where it's apparently quite a big problem. Estimates indicate the majority seen on the street are used or obtained fraudulently. Now, this is just one problem, with the central issue throughout the world being that of motorists who wrongfully park their vehicles as if they were entitled to do so.

In Russia, 30% of the drivers take disabled parking spaces without caring about the signs on the ground, a non-profit organization has found. Just reminding people about this issue clearly wasn’t effective, so they thought of something different instead. They installed projections of a real disabled person.

These shocking clips would not only pop up when a non-disabled driver tried to park in their space, but the person appearing in the middle of the road would also deliver an impressive message. According to the creators of this project, special cameras verified the presence of the disabled sticker on their windshields, and if no label were detected, the hologram would appear to confront the driver.

This campaign went on last May, but we recently stumbled upon the video, and we thought it was a good example of what similar organization could use in the US too. Moreover, it makes for another example of the innovative ideas people in Russia come up with. After all, the country is renown for its road rage and lack of traffic law abiding drivers.

Think of those guys who put those big stickers on the windshield of cars of those motorists who ignore rules. Some park their cars in the worst places, others drive on sidewalks. The ongoing campaign may sound silly, but it managed to become worldwide famous.

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