Hollywood Female Celebrities and Their Hot Rides

It's no secret that women aren't exactly the best drivers on the planet and although there are a few exceptions out there (hello Danica Patrick, we hope you're fine!), men still believe that women should stay away from the things they love the most.

In fact, we bet you're no stranger of the following joke: my wife is a careful driver, she always slows down when going through a red light. Haha!

OK, it's time to stop being a misogynist, so let's get straight to the point. We know that Hollywood and American celebrities in general have a lot of money, right? Besides houses, expensive parties, drugs (oh well...) and fancy hair styles for their pets, most of these celebs spend their money on... you're right, cars.

That's why watching the Oscars or at least MTV during the weekend is like going to some sort of Russian motor show organized for rich moguls that have nothing else to do than to show the world their one of a kind vehicles. So we, as automotive fanatics, admit we're envious like hell and here's how we reached the first point of today's cover story: what kind of cars do iron ladies (ironically speaking) in the United States drive?

Although we like some of the ones mentioned in the next paragraphs, we can't stop crying our hearts out when thinking that none of them actually appreciates the cars they've bought as they (the cars) deserve. But let's wipe our tears and go ahead.

Victoria Beckham is now the image of Range Rover Evoque, so she has no choice than to drive a... Range Rover Evoque. Haha! We're so glad you're stuck with only one car, although we must admit that the Evoque is one of the best cars that arrived on the market last year. It's available in the United States with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine that develops 240 horsepower. Pricing starts at $43.995.

Victoria Beckham is the ambassador of the new Evoque. Our very own testdrive with the Evoque is available here.

And although she's the ambassador of the new Evoque, Victoria and her husband David also drive a Cadillac Escalade, a Range Rover, a Rolls Royce Phantom and some other expensive models.

Roses are red, Paris Hilton likes pink, She drives a Ferrari, Or that's what she thinks. Paris Hilton, the actress/singer/model/human being is already famous for her atrocities against so great cars such as Bentley Continental GT. While painting some of the most expensive cars in the world in pink, Paris Hilton is the lucky actress/singer/model/human being that also got the chance to jump behind the wheel of a Lexus LFA. If you're not exactly familiar with the term LFA, maybe the tech specs set things straight. The car has a V10 4.8-liter engine that pushes it from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and up to a maximum speed of 202 mph (325 km/h). That's possible thanks to the 552 horsepower developed by the engine.

Only some of the cars belonging to Paris Hilton. The Ferrari is actually her latest acquisition.

And no, we're not done yet with Paris Hilton. Also laughing in front of the paparazzi when stepping out a Yukon hybrid, a BMW M6 (which as far as we know doesn't belong to her) or a Rolls Royce Ghost, the famous actress/singer/model/human being now drives a red Ferrari California. Which, as a matter of fact, has no less than 460 horsepower thanks to a V8 engine. Now we're done here.

My name is Jordan, I too like pink, I love a Range Rover, and its high speed. Well, Katie dear, we're sorry to tell you but Range Rovers are not at all about high speed and it's a really good idea to read our recent test drive to learn more about it. So, Katie Price indeed has a Range Rover but, unfortunately, one that's pink. The guys over at Project Kahn had no choice when Jordan asked them to customize her Range Rover with one of the most hideous colors out there, but at least she had to pay around $160.000. Besides the terrible SUV, she also drives a Bugatti Veyron that's painted in... you guessed! Pink!

Katie Price paid no less than $160.000 for a full pink Range Rover tweaked by Project Kahn.

Pamela Anderson is a lady and after pleasing our eyes so many years, she tries to remain an enjoyable person by driving her white Range Rover every time she needs to. She hasn't invested as much as Paris did when it comes to cars, but we can't help but applaud her!

Gwen Stefani is the kind of woman that makes you believe she's a real car aficionado. After being seen in a Maserati, the singer is now driving a Porsche Panamera. Not at all a bad choice if we have a look at the price. The standard version costs $75,200 in the United States and benefits from 300 horsepower and a 0 – 100 km/h sprint in 6 seconds.

Jessica Alba the goddess isn't quite the kind of woman to drive cars on her own, so when she doesn't take a cab, she drives a GMC Yukon. Still, she once stepped out of a BMW M3, while earlier this year she was seen driving an Audi Q7 TDI. Especially optimized for low emissions, the Q7 TDI is priced from $46,250 in the United States.

Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba and Pamela Anderson stepping out of their favorite rides.

Britney Spears likes 'em big, so she loves SUVs more than anything else. A Mercedes G-Class and a Cadillac Escalade both got the chance to be touched by queen of pop's hands, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Britney had to stay away from a Maserati Gran Turismo or a Mercedes CLK. It's no surprise that the singer had to spend a fortune on cars: The GranTurismo has a price tag of around $123,000 while the G-Class is a bit more affordable at $110,000.

Britney Spears makes a demonstration of perfect parking. Do NOT try this with your own car!

When she's not cursing Sebastien Vettel for winning a Formula 1 Grand Prix once again, while her boyfriend Lewis (as in Lewis Hamilton) came second, Nicole Scherzinger wants to stay on the safe side and drives a Mercedes GL. Pretty affordable, the GL is priced from $62,500 in the United States when equipped with a BlueTEC 3.0-liter V6 engine.

Halle Berry loves the environment and makes efforts to protect it as much as possible, so that's why she's driving a Lexus RX hybrid. Besides the fact that it stays green all day long, the RX didn't hurt her pocket, as it comes with a price tag of approximately $39,000.

Lady Gaga is a busy celebrity, but she has some spare time and she's not in the mood to hunt and get the material for a new dress, she likes to drive in style. That's why she was seen some time ago at the wheel of a Rolls Royce Corniche III, one of the cars that could hardly be regarded as a celebrity ride.

Besides the fact that she's sexy, Salma Hayek also knows a thing or two about cars, which means she supports tree huggers by driving a hybrid. A Lexus RX to be more precise, just like Halle Berry.

Angelina, oh sweet Angelina... Angelina Jolie isn't quite the kind of woman that enjoys driving, but when she does it, she picks SUVs. She was seen driving a Ford Explorer and a Chevrolet Tahoe, both pretty affordable, proving that Angelina has what it takes to be a pure soccer mom.

Jennifer Lopez drives a Range Rover but she's also the one starring in one Fiat 500 commercial.

In brief news, Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Simpson, Ellen Pompeo and Olivia Wilde are all driving Range Rovers, while Anna Kournikova goes for the American taste with a Cadillac Escalade. Megan Fox and Hilary Duff picked a Mercedes G-Class, just like Emma Roberts and Ashley Tisdale.

All those being said, we're pretty sure we haven't covered the whole “I have so much money I really don't care how expensive that car is” industry. So feel free to use the comment box below to tell us and our readers about other famous American women who like to spend a fortune on cars, be they pink, black or yellow, SUVs, sports cars or hybrids.
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