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Hockenheimring Crashes and Spins Show How the Typical Track Day Cars Behave at the Limit

Flaws aren’t always a bad thing. For instance, you can identify a gem by its internal flaws and the same can be done with cars. Let’s take the Hockenheim crash and spin compilation below, for instance.
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The footage allows us to see how the typical track day cars behave at the limit, which helps us understand the pros and cons of driving each type of machine. We have to explain the financial side of the deal is not included here. We want to discuss the various aspects brought by these cars, money aside.

We’ll start with Porsches and the violent way in which their rear-mounted engines affect the handling balance. As you’ll be able to see in the clip, the pendulum effect is seriously limited with new generations, but the only one that truly managed to do away with this is the current 991.

BMWs, we can’t forget about BMWs. There are so many guys enjoying circuit time in these Bavarian machines, that we should’ve probably started with them. The lesson we learn from this video is simple - invest in your suspension before you buy a new set of wheels. Mkay, kids?

Track toys, be they KTM X-Bows or Caterhams, may be incredibly fast, being able to deliver painful surprises to supercar drivers, but these machines don’t like going sideways. On the grip kept they will be.

As for the obvious Miatas, these Mazdas will always be funny, even when they’re trying really hard to display attitude - that’s what we call an MX-5 that spits flames, but still makes the audience smile.

Lotuses might be some of the most difficult to understand contraptions for those who are not car guys or girls, but seeing them flying around on the track in this video makes their lightweight benefits obvious.

At the end of the footage, a pack of wild Nurburgring crashes appear - this allows us to see the vibe difference between the Nordschleife and the Hockenheimring. They don’t call the first the Green Hell for nothing.

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