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Hobby Maxia Van Sets New Standards for Modern Volkswagen Camper Vans
German caravan and motorhome manufacturer Hobby has produced over 600,000 leisure vehicles with a great choice of model ranges in the 55 years since they entered the market. Their creations are mainly characterized by modern design, clever layouts, and comfortable interiors.

Hobby Maxia Van Sets New Standards for Modern Volkswagen Camper Vans

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The company has added a new product to its Maxia line, a premium camper van that aptly combines the Scandinavian “hygge” design with modern German technology. It was simply named Hobby Maxia Van and is the first product developed under a new partnership between Hobby and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The new Maxia camper van, which was unveiled at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, is built on a VW Crafter chassis with a 177 ps/174.5 hp-capable diesel engine and 8-speed automatic transmission, measures 22.3 feet (6.84 m) in length, 6.56 feet (2 m) wide, and offers 6.72 feet (2.05 m) of interior headroom.

While featuring a rather unimpressive exterior, the premium camper van comes with a cozy interior that creates an incredible sense of space and feels more like a modern tiny home than a cold-walled van. The shell of the van has framed windows, double internal floor, and insulation made from recycled fibers.

It mainly borrows the same “hygge” design seen on the rest of the Hobby Maxia range, with great attention to detail and perfectly coordinated color schemes. The moment you step inside, it instantly becomes obvious that the van is targeted at people who would rather preserve the luxury and comforts of a conventional house when they’re on the road, as the camper boasts lavish furnishings and comes equipped with everything you need from the start.

“As a North German motorhome and caravan manufacturer, we naturally have a high affinity for Scandinavia as well as the feeling of ‘hygge’ that’s typical of the Maxia range, and which we are now also introducing into the van segment with our Maxia van. Because our customers want a vehicle that’s just as comfortable and cozy as their own home,” said Hobby Managing director Bernd Löher.

Boasting a well-fitted combination of warm walnut wood with cool gray-and-white furnishings and trim, the interior uses the classic European floor plan, which places the sleeping area at the rear and the kitchen in the center of the van. A wet bathroom and four-seat front dinette are also part of the package.

The interior walls are covered in light gray soft-touch paneling, the lower cabinets and shelves are made of walnut wood with dark-gray worktops and surfaces, while the overhead cabinets blend dark gray structural elements with white doors. Ambient lighting fixtures are strategically scattered throughout the space to create a cozy atmosphere and highlight outstanding design features.

The kitchen area includes a 90-liter compressor refrigerator, a dual-burner stove and sink combo made from robust stainless steel, as well as extension worktop. The motorhome’s swivel passenger seat also comes in handy when it’s meal time as it turns towards the extendable dining table.

The sleeping area features a 79 x 68-inch (200 x 172 cm) fixed bed that can be folded to make room for a central cargo aisle while traveling. There is also the possibility of adding an optional bed kit to turn the cab seats into a single bed.

The van’s wet bathroom is a very functional space with a toilet, a shower, and a sink that folds into the wall when not in use.

VW’s Crafter van comes equipped with a Driver Assistance package and color infotainment system, but Hobby enhances the experience with a standard Hobby Connect smart home-style control system with onboard touchscreen and accompanying app.

The Hobby Maxia Van will be available for €89,750, which is approximately $88,125 at current exchange rates, and deliveries are set to commence in spring 2023.

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