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The sales season has certainly exhausted you, your dresser is packed, but you still have the shopping fever in your blood. What can you do in this case? Well, if you bought enough items for you, consider purchasing something really cool for your car as well. Remember, what makes your car cool, makes you cool as well. An interesting gadget can garnish your vehicle, the way some trendy ear-rings embellish a woman. Therefore, if you decided upon the idea of changing something about your car, you should then make your choice upon what gadget to choose. Whether it's just a sticker, a GPS device or a microwave oven, it's up to you to settle how much you want/afford to spend on an item for your vehicle. However, since I assume you need some inspiration for such a difficult task, here are some interesting gadgets you might take into consideration before going shopping. Ferrari Traffic Assistant to help you on unknown routes
I have already told you about the importance of having a GPS device in your car when traveling on unknown routes. But how about equipping your vehicle with a Ferrari GPS? Since you can not afford to buy a brand's vehicle, you may try at least a cool car gadget that wears the signature of the sportscar manufacturer.

The Ferrari GPS system indicates not only the right way but also the  hotels, restaurants, museums, service stations and Ferrari dealers on your route. And by the way, have I told you that the device comes in the red-black rally design? Pretty tempting... However, you shouldn't make illusions to own such a beauty unless you are ready to pay the price of €399 (about $530) for it.

Take your meal behind the wheel with In-car Microwave

You're tired of fast food and you plan to lose weight. You are always planning to keep diets but you never seem to achieve this goal. Then, why not trying to eat healthier instead of making your body go through the ordeal of starvation? You can make your sandwiches with less fats and afterwards, you can heat them while driving in the amazing In-car Microwave. Same goes for tea, milk and coffee.

You can plug the 12V appliance into a car's cigarette lighter and then cook a pie in no more than 4 minutes or heat up a cup of coffee in about six minutes. In addition, the In-Car Microwave is made of steel and is operated by a LED touchscreen which is endowed with dedicated touch icons for popular foods and the option of setting the time manually, all these for £130.

Or... Keep your food cool with the Deluxe Mini-Fridge

In case your car doesn't have a refrigerated glove compartment or it is way too small for your needs (trust me, I have seen incredibly small glove compartments at luxury brands as well), you might consider buying a mini-fridge that keeps your food... cool. The mini fridge features a digital LCD display of inside temperature, 20 Liter capacity, pre-selected settings, 2 adapters, chills to 44 degrees and warms to 140 degrees.

What more can you possible want from a miniature fridge? Well, I know this only makes your task even harder: what will it be, a microwave oven or a mini fridge? But I dare to say, why not both? As far as I'm concerned, none of the two items are luxury privileges rather necessary gadgets for those who spend a lot of time in traffic. If that sounds convincing, you can purchase your own mini fridge from for only $99.99.

Let the kids have some fun with the Sirius backseat TV

In case you plan a journey in the near future where kids a re invited, prepare for the party. You already know how difficult it is to travel with the children always complaining on the back seat, so you'd better think of something to occupy their time. The Sirius backseat TV seems to be an extremely popular choice as it features three channels of programming - all of it kid-oriented: The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and a special mobile edition of the Cartoon Network.

The backseat TV is already available in some Chrysler cars (if you happen to be the lucky owner of one, you know what I'm speaking about) but you should know you can find it at Amazon, Best Buy and other retail stores as well. The good news is that the Sirius backseat TV is compatible with most cars and video monitors, requiring FM tuner or auxiliary input for satellite radio and a video monitor for TV reception. As for the price, you'll have to be ready to pay about $229.00 to 299.00 and subscription fees. For a more peaceful journey, it is worth the money.

All-in-one Driving and Engine Performance Monitor to Impress Boyfriends

I know you're not a tech-addict but this gadget could really impress your boyfriend when you travel together. You know that most cars are rather stingy when it comes to precious informational data. Normally, you get only the basic aspects: speed, fuel, odometer and engine temperature. But what if you wanted more? Then, the all -in-one Driving and Engine Performance Monitor might be the solution.

No tools or automotive expertise are needed. You just have to plug Car Chip Pro into the OBDII port (easily found under the dashboard or steering wheel) and it reads and stores data from your car's on-board computers, continuously logging driving and engine performance. This sort of information was once available only to professional mechanics but now these data are in your hands if you decide to spend $119.99 on this car gadget from

So, have you reached a conclusion yet? In case you haven't, take the weekend to think it over. After a peaceful ride in your car while enjoying two days far away from your work, you'll surely be able to make the right choice.
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