Hillary Duff Seen Sporting a New Mercedes G63 AMG

There seems to be an interesting trend that’s been going on in Hollywood for quite a while now and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. We’re not talking about clothes or make-up or shoes. We’re talking about cars, particularly the G-Wagon trend.
Hillary Duff 1 photo
We’ve seen it at the famous Kardashian family, Ashley Tisdale, Nicole Richie, these being just a few of the numerous celebrities that have embraced the G-wagon and made it a must-have in Hollywood. It’s a frenzy and everyone’s got to have one.

This time around, we’re talking about the lovable Hilary Duff and her new acquisition. Although she is no stranger to the vehicle, being a fan of the car for a while now, she decided to treat herself to something nice and purchased a black Mercedes G63 AMG.

The actress/singer was seen sporting a casual but chic look while doing some flower shopping around town, afterwards heading towards her brand new G-wagon. So, we can say for a fact that this particular vehicle has conquered Hollywood and most of its celebrities. This is actually her second G-Monster, having previously owned the G55 AMG.


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