Hill Climb and Jump Getting a Rider Very Close to a Horrible Crash

This is a close shave 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
We all know that once you jump a bike, things have exceptional odds of getting out of hand. It's basically useless to try and convince dirt riders to stop jumping over increasingly difficult obstacles, just as it is completely futile trying to convince an enduro rider to stay off the muddy tracks.
This has no inherent danger potential, but at times, the obstacles some riders decide to take on may be a tad too much. It goes for their skills and for their bike's limits alike, but unfortunately, these are lame excuses when things don't go as planned.

The fellow in this video is clearly a bold guy, because he seems to know what he's up against. He indeed crashes, but his fall is only a minor one compared to what he had a brush with.

Watching this video closely, you can see how close he was to actually not making the jump and smashing into the hill. Now, if you try to picture the outcome of such a crash, things don't look at all nice.

Slamming into the wall while carrying so much speed could have even resulted in life-threatening injuries, with a broken hand or leg being the least of the worries.

For some, such stunts are simply stupid

People who are not that much into testing and pushing their limits could say that this stunt was a perfect proof of how stupid people can be at times. Frankly, there is a bit of truth in this, too, but I won't call it stupidity.

If you want foolishness at its finest, you can just watch any of the Jackass series. Motorcycle stunt riding might involve more craziness and taking certain risks, but calling these fellows a bunch of idiots is putting all stunt riders in the same category, which is wrong.

Thankfully, things did not end in the wheelchair or in the coroner's van this time. However, the jump itself is impressive!

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