Highly Anticipated Waze Update for Android and Android Auto Officially Released

Waze has officially released a new version of the app for Android devices, and this time the update is a critical one because it’s supposed to fix a major bug experienced by users whose smartphones are already running the latest OS build.
Waze on Android 7 photos
The new stable Waze version on the Google PixelWaze for AndroidWaze for AndroidWaze for AndroidWaze for AndroidWaze for Android
More specifically, some of those who installed Android 11 on their phones discovered that Waze is either freezing or just fails to determine the location and thus provides inaccurate directions.

Google has already acknowledged the bug in September and promised a fix in the next Waze update. Last week, the company revealed it would take a few more days for this release to go live, explaining that Waze 4.67 was at that point projected to go live this week.

And now the Google-owned company has started the rollout of Waze to Android devices, though the whole thing happens in stages, so it could take a while until you see the new version. For example, the update is already available on my Google Pixel, but it is not on the Samsung Galaxy Note20.

So the best option right now if you want to install this new version is to just download the stand-alone APK installer and manually update Waze on your Android device.

Several users who turned to the Google Play Store after installing Waze confirm that the GPS problem is now resolved, though in some cases, it takes a while until the connection is locked.

The last update does seem to have fixed the issue. Still sometimes takes a while to get a lock, but much quicker than I was seeing a month ago,” Wazer Simon Green explains.

While Waze hasn’t provided any release notes with this new Waze version, the previous beta build also included fixes for a crash that occurred when trying to configure toll and HOV passes. This problem has also been corrected in the stable build, so everything should now work properly.


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