Highly Anticipated Fix for Android Auto Users Now Rolling Out

Libby may not be the number one eBook and audiobook out there, but according to the numbers available on the Google Play Store, it still has over 5 million downloads.
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Libby for AndroidLibby for AndroidLibby for AndroidLibby for AndroidLibby for AndroidLibby for Android
In other words, quite a lot of people use the app, and part of them rely on its capabilities behind the wheel as well.

Libby has been offering Android Auto support for quite some time, therefore making the experience while driving a little bit more convenient, especially since the content can be managed right from the larger screen in the car.

But earlier this month, users discovered that Libby simply stopped working on Android Auto, with some of them blaming a recent update that Google’s app received.

The culprit, these users said, was a late-August Android Auto update. The typical workarounds, which included downgrading to an earlier version of Android Auto, reinstalling Libby, clearing the cache and the data of both apps, all failed to produce any improvement.

But in an announcement this week, a member of the Android Auto team says the most recent version of Libby finally comes with a patch. In other words, just make sure that you update Libby to the most recent public build to be sure it runs properly on Android Auto.

The Google Community Expert says the version users must be running is 5.2.0, and it is available right now on the Google Play Store. Someone on the forums has confirmed the update indeed fixes the glitch, so in theory, everything should indeed be working properly when trying to launch Libby on Android Auto.

No further information has been offered on what went wrong, but one user said earlier this month that Libby started working after installing the most recent Android 13 security update. So at first glance, the app encountered a compatibility issue with Android 13 as well, which means users must make sure everything is updated on their devices.


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