High-speed Lane Splitting Ends In Bike Crash

There are both supporters and opponents to the lane-splitting idea and indeed splitting lanes can be equally useful and hazardous.
While splitting lanes in busy traffic at low speed gets you (the biker) ahead of the car line, failing to be even more careful than you'd normally be during a casual ride on your alley, means almost certain trouble. We've detailed the pros and cons of lane splitting, but it looks like the rider in this movie has no Autoevolution subscription. Too bad for him!

After starting to ride between the lanes at a low speed just as any good-minded biker would have, our her decides it's time to “let her rip” and throttles up, for exactly 11 seconds. That is, until a guy in the left lane thinks the right one seems to move faster, and steers accordingly.

Obviously, unaware of the incoming bike already traveling at a speed much too high for a healthy ending of the rainy day. Bike meets car, rider meets the asphalt, fingers meet pain and so on. Clearly, one does not simply speed when lane-splitting.
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