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Hide Superyacht Concept Blends In by Mirroring Its Environment

It’s impossible to make a superyacht invisible (or anything else, for that matter), but you can still try to hide it in plain sight. That’s the idea behind the new concept from designer Anna Borla, aptly called Hide.
Anna Borla's concept for an invisible superyacht: Hide 4 photos
Anna Borla's concept for an invisible superyacht: HideAnna Borla's concept for an invisible superyacht: HideAnna Borla's concept for an invisible superyacht: Hide
Designed for the recent Rossinavi Design Challenge, Hide aims to be a luxury superyacht that guarantees maximum privacy and promises minimal footprint. The former is achieved through the use of expansive mirrored glass, while the latter through a hybrid propulsion system.

Though officially dubbed “entirely different from any other concept” in terms of exterior design, mirrored exteriors have been done before on luxury vessels. Take for example the Mirage concept from a couple of years ago, which boasted offering (very rich) guests maximum privacy by turning invisible from a distance through the use of large sheets of mirrored glass.

Hide is a riff on that idea, but it’s also more eco-conscious, using a hybrid propulsion system with large lithium batteries and solar cells placed on the roof of the wheelhouse. With clean, smooth lines, Hide includes plenty of open space on the foredeck and, at the same time, the promise of privacy, luxury amenities and an easy conscience by knowing cruising with it doesn’t do as much damage to the environment.

Borla has been looking into various possibilities to make her yacht concepts more eco-friendly, and this is obvious with Hide as well. In addition to using hybrid propulsion, it would earn extra “green” credit by incorporating furniture made from recycled materials.

With accommodations for 10 guests, Hide would include an oversize owner’s apartment with several balconies, bathroom, studio or library, and lobby. Two VIP suites and two twin guest cabins would provide accommodation for the other eight guests, while quarters on the lower deck would house a crew of eight.

Amenities would include a pool, several sundecks, open dining, a beach club, gym and, of course, a tender garage. However, the highlight of this concept is the fact that it would be able to hide in plain sight.

“Hide wants to blend in with the environment around her,” Borla tells The Robb Report, speaking of the mirrored hull. “Hide has a huge bow that allows for a big comfort zone with a long pool and an amazing overview.”


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