Hexoskin Is a Hi-Tech Shirt Formula 1 Drivers Need

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We know all about smart watches, reality headsets, fitness bands and so on, but what would you think if we were to tell you there’s a Canadian startup working on a wearable Hi-Tech shirt that might become a game changer. Called Hexoskin, the biometric top allows those who exercise regularly to monitor their progress, which is why we assume it might as well become the thing racers will wear in the future.
Hexoskin gives insights about physical training, sleep, and personal daily activities to the one that is wearing it. The biometric top takes the shape of a black shirt, equipped with a variety of sensors. According to its creators, it will be able to track over 42,000 data points every minute. The shirt requires charging that is made through a USB cord and is connected through an app that will analyze all the data.

The sensors will monitor one's heart rate, HRV (allowing to estimate stress and fatigue), Heart Rate Recovery, ECG, breathing rate, minute ventilation, activity intensity, peak acceleration, steps, cadence and sleep positions.

It’s pretty clear the company’s main market will probably be athletes, which is why we think it’s safe to say race drivers could one day wear one of those. After all, Formula 1 racers have to be as fit as professional sportsmen. Inside the cockpit the atmosphere is quite intense, sometimes even sitting becoming uncomfortable. The seat belts are so tight they make it hard to breathe and temperatures reach even 60 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, drivers need to be as focused as possible, as their bodies and their insides are relentlessly pushed around at up to five times the force of gravity.

Formula 1 drivers train as much as athlets

Formula 1 drivers train up to six times a week, sometimes three to four hours per day and they combine all sorts of activities, such as cycling, running or swimming with gym work included. As the teams invest million of dollars to make their cars lighter and faster, so fitness experts have developed specialized measures for the racers to improve their physical skills.

All these considered, we’re pretty sure Hexoskin would prove to be quite the device F1 teams are looking into for their drivers, which is why we believe it’s going to be a big deal once it hits the market.

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