Hertz to Launch Waterless Car Washing

New Jersey-based car rental company Hertz Corporation has announced plans to open more than 220 waterless car washing locations in the United States. Part of the company’s effort to reduce its environmental footprint, the new car washing process uses a non-toxic, biodegradable and hyper-concentrated waterless formula developed with Green Team Partners LLC.
Hertz Penske GT Mustang 1 photo
“An entire car can be washed with 6 to 8 ounces of a proprietary, environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable solution, in approximately 8 minutes. After the solution is sprayed onto the car, the specially formulated molecules envelop the dirt particles, lifting them away from the car's paint,” Hertz explains. “A high quality microfiber towel is then used to wipe the lifted dirt particles off the surface.   A second clean microfiber towel is used to polish the surface, leaving behind a shiny protective coating that preserves the clear coat and paint.”

Hertz says the waterless car washing network is be expanded to nearly 3,700 locations in the US and Europe, which could save more than 130 million gallons of car wash water each year.

"Managing one of the largest car rental fleets in the world requires a significant amount of car washing," commented Hertz chairman and CEO, Mark P. Frissora. "Moving to a waterless car wash system is another innovative way Hertz is addressing both its sustainability and business needs. We have been able to achieve significant environmental and cost savings while continuing to offer customers the best fleet in the industry."


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