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Hertz and CODA Automotive to Make New EV Sedan

CODA Automotive, a California-based electric car and battery company, has partnered with Hertz Corporation, the world's largest general use airport car rental brand, in order to manufacture an all-electric vehicle.

The car will be available on the market as early as 2011. Called the CODA Sedan, this vehicle was designed to meet the every day requirements of most Americans. It has space for five passengers, a full-size trunk and a range of between 90 and 120 miles during any season.

"The 100 percent electric CODA was designed to meet the needs of most Americans with dependable, all-season range, and fast, convenient charging," according to Mark Jamieson, CFO & COO, CODA Automotive. "With one of the world's largest rental car fleets, Hertz is uniquely positioned to catalyze the adoption of all-electric vehicles and infrastructure supporting electric mobility."

CODA Sedan’s 33.8 kWh battery system comes with active thermal management and promises to have at least 40% more usable energy (in any weather conditions) than any all-electric sedan on the market in 2011. The battery takes six hours to fully charge, but a partial charge that would be needed for a 40-mile commute can be achieved in just two hours.

"Hertz is committed to the widespread use of electric vehicles globally and we are laying the foundation to make electric vehicle mobility a reality today," said Mark P. Frissora, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Hertz Corporation. "The CODA Sedan represents an outstanding zero emissions solution, one that will appeal to the needs of our consumers from urban dwellers, travelers and corporations. Companies like CODA Automotive align with our vision to provide tomorrow's driving solutions to consumers today."


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