Hero Bus Driver Stops Woman from Committing Suicide

Impressive Footage Shows Hero Bus Driver Saving a Woman from Committing Suicide 1 photo
Photo: New China
How often do you see a person climbing on the edge of a bridge? Not that often, hopefully, but if it does happen, what else can you do other than try to save him or her from doing the worst. However, the way this hero bus driver calmly stopped the vehicle and jumped out only to pull this woman away from what could have been a tragic event is almost incredible.
The footage is real, and it was taken by the dash cam of a bus running in Nanjing, China, the other day. Everything looks like a regular commute through the city when, all of a sudden, the bus stops and its driver - Bian Pengfei - rushes outside to save a woman from jumping off a bridge into the Yangtze River.

As the footage clearly shows, the man was alerted by the way the woman was swinging her leg over the rail of the bridge. He reacts almost instantly, with no hesitation whatsoever. But what makes this incident amazing is that the bus driver manages to save a life without disturbing the traffic or anybody in the vehicle.

What for the desperate woman must have been an eternity, for the hero of the day was a mere minute that luckily made an enormous difference between life and death. Once he gets a grip on her, the video shows Pengfei trying to console the woman along with two other passengers, eventually managing to get her inside the vehicle. According to Shanghaiist, the driver headed straight to the nearest police station to get her further assistance.

Whether or not the woman ended up in a hospital, we can’t but tip our hats to the man who undoubtedly saved her life. After all, it would have been a lot easier for a regular car driver to stop and take action, considering this man actually handled all the passengers in the back too. But it was this driver who stopped and saved her.

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