Here’s Why Truck Drivers Should Constantly Check their Mirrors

Driving a small passenger car, you probably look into the rearview mirrors when having to change lanes or take a right/left turn, and that’s all right. In a large truck however, it’s required to use those side mirrors more often if you don’t want to experience what this guy did here. Especially when turning.
Oversize load about to crash 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
In fact, you know what? Always check your mirrors, even when driving a small vehicle, because it’s important to know the position of other cars behind so you can act properly in an emergency.

And if you’re a truck driver, especially one that is hauling a giant girder, you should pay extra attention to them mirrors when taking a sharp turn. Although it’s widely known the trailer will follow the tractor up front, you can never be so sure about its behavior.

Take this fellow here for example. He manages to correctly take a left turn, the cab is aligned properly with the road after the turn, the large girder is supposed to get aligned too, but there’s something wrong he did not see.

As the tractor was continuing to move straight, the trailer started to drift to the right and violently hit the center of the divider creating total havoc. The explanation? Note that there is no flatbed here and the rear bogie must have dealigned with the girder, since it looks like they’re connected only with gravity and some ropes.

Not being centered by the same axis, pretty much explains what happened here. Wonder why those support vehicles haven’t saw it coming.

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