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Here’s Why KTM's X-Bow GTX is One of the Most Anticipated Track Weapons of 2021

These days, those who want to start racing or need a capable track-oriented car for a fun weekend have many weapons to choose from. KTM will be adding its $278,000 (€230,000) X-Bow GTX to that list this year.
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To really enjoy a sports car, one needs to take it to a track, but once this turns into a habit, the average street-legal sports car will not be enough.

This is where KTM comes in handy. The Austrian manufacturer, which has made a name for itself by producing some world-class motorcycles, has branched out into the world of track toys on four wheels in recent years.

Named X-Bow (and pronounced crossbow),the ultra-light sports car for road and race use was released in 2008 to universal acclaim. Top Gear named it Sports Car of the Year and it quickly became the weapon of choice for many aspiring race drivers and ordinary thrill-seekers.

A few months ago, fans of this car were treated with exciting news as KTM announced the upcoming release of the new X-Bow GTX, a brand-new carbon-fiber racecar that promises to take the driving experience of the original X-Bow to completely new heights.

Just like its road-legal sibling, the stunning design is the work of innovators KISKA, while the outstanding aerodynamical efficiency of the new car was made possible by the technicians at Reiter Engineering. The outcome is a breath-taking race car, which is just as ideal for track days as it is for professional racing.

Weighing just 1,048 kg (2,311 lbs), the full-carbon-fiber machine uses a hi-tech monocoque chassis designed from the same lightweight material and inspired by those used in Formula 3 open-wheelers, and a rear frame made from high-strength steel tubes.

It’s fitted with a fully fledged roll cage that can withstand intense rollover pressure and also has side struts in the monocoque and a full cross member behind the driver’s seat, making it compliant with FIA GT’s latest homologation rules.

The spectacular “Jetfighter Canopy” of the X-Bow GT4 returns to the new model, and it’s as spectacular as ever since KTM updated its design. It now features a carbon fiber frame with an easily replaceable Makrolon windshield and glass doors that can be opened separately.

Inside, we find a new racing steering wheel that is completely redesigned compared to previous models, while the carbon-kevlar Recaro racing seat is not only comfortable but increases the overall safety of the driver exponentially.

The car also features a new adjustable race-spec pedal box, customizable electric power steering, and an electric LMP-style shifter, which reduces the weight of the Holinger MF gearbox assembly by around 7 kg (15 lbs).

Power comes from an Audi-sourced 2.5-liter five-cylinder TFSI that is the modern, compact interpretation of the legendary unit used by the legendary Quattro S1 WRC car.

Tuned by Lehmann Motoren-Technik, it can produce 530 PS (523 hp) and a peak torque of 650 Nm (480 lb-ft); considering the car’s weight, this leads to a power to weight ratio of 1.98 kg/hp.

Aided by the push-rod layout of the front suspension and the Sachs Racing dampers with adjustable rebound and compression, the X-Bow GTX should provide the excellent cornering speed and mind-blowing grip of its predecessors.

Although not cheap, this race car might be one of the best options out there under $300,000, but we’re still waiting for KTM to put it to the test and provide us with a better view of what it can do, along with a definite release date.

One thing is for sure, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer can also build some fantastic cars, and we’re eager to see what they have up their sleeves in the coming years.


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