Here’s the Fastest Toyota Supra to Ever Run at Texas Invitational Roll

It’s silver, sleek, classic, clean and does around 1,600-1700 hp. This is the fastest Toyota Supra to ever run at the Texas Invitational roll race.
1600 HP Toyota Supra 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube/edited by autoevolution
Open up its hood and you’ll see a huge turbocharger, custom intake, exhaust, VVT and if you look closer, you’ll also see the nitrous oxide port right underneath the intake. Sneaky!

The owner says that without the spray, his Supra makes around 1,200 hp, while the nitrous boosts that to around 1,600 and over. It managed to win against supercharged Dodge Vipers, twin-turbo Porsches, and a few twin-turbo Lamborghinis.

Unfortunately, this Supra lacks traction, and watching the video bellow you’ll see that it can burnout in 3th and even in 4th gear. Bet some beefier, wider rear slick tires will sort most of the problem.

Wonder how those guys spending two hundred thousands bucks on their twin-turbo Lambos will feel after this guy with four cylinder less, a single turbo and a lot of less cash and a car from the ‘90s beat them in a rolling race.

We really hope the next Toyota Supra will gain at least the same popularity as the fourth generation did. Imagine it 20 years later, when all cars will use fuel cells and high capacirors and tuners will still beat the crap out of them using hybrid Supras....

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