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Here’s Screaming Sexy Girl in a 1200 HP Camaro

It really has been a while since we last showed you one of these videos, right? High Tech Corvette who actually started this trend on Youtube just posed this clip of a girl screaming her way to the top of the vocal range in a 1200 hp Chevy Camaro.
Here’s Screaming Sexy Girl in a 1200 HP Camaro 1 photo
It looks like the car in question is based on the new ZL1 supercharged V8 and has been tuned by the guys at Late Model Racecraft. More than doubling the factory output has turned this Camaro into a sort of stock car for the road.

We really wonder how much of this girl’s screaming is due to the pitch of the engine and the sway of the car’s body. Were this an ultra-quiet Rolls Royce going the exact same speed, she probably wouldn’t have noticed a thing.

Regardless, we know you guys will like this video, so take a weekend chill pill and enjoy!

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