Here’s a Toyota Running Away From the Driver When Exiting the Parking Lot

Toyota tries to break free, runs away from inattentive driver 4 photos
Photo: YouTube/Viral Hog
Toyota tries to break free, runs away from inattentive driverToyota tries to break free, runs away from inattentive driverToyota tries to break free, runs away from inattentive driver
Toyota has a worldwide reputation for building reliable, high-quality, and affordable vehicles, which is why we at autoevolution have dedicated the entire month of March to the Japanese carmaker.
It’s time to insert some levity in our Toyota Month coverage: here’s a Toyota making a desperate dash for freedom, away from its driver, only to end up smashed into a parked vehicle. It’s ok to laugh because no one was injured and the damage was most likely not significant, considering that the rebel Toyota was moving at a slow pace.

The incident occurred in Singapore just recently and was captured by the dashcam of the car behind it. A woman got out of the black Toyota, seemingly to run her card through the toll post and open the barrier to get out of the parking structure. Either there was something wrong with the car or she forgot to take it out of drive, but it started to roll away from her.

Though the image is blurry and the woman’s face is not towards the camera, you can sense the confusion and desperation in her gestures. She tries to get back inside the car but can’t, she tries to hold the car back from rolling into the street, which she obviously can’t, and she eventually settles for running behind it.

Not that it goes very far: the car crosses the street and stops in the side of a parked car, just as its owner was getting ready to start it and drive off. The woman seems to alert the man, so no one is injured. That’s the bright side, along with the fact already mentioned above that damage couldn’t have been significant.

If you need or want a lesson on how not to exit a car park, here it is. It would be easy to overgeneralize and make some wisecrack about how of course the driver was female, but since no one knows the whole story, let us not.

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