Here’s a Game to See If You Have What It Takes to Spend Elon Musk’s Billions

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At the end of March, as most of the world was marking the first anniversary of the still-ongoing international health crisis, Elon Musk became the world’s richest man, with an estimated worth of $166 billion. Care to know how that must feel?
There’s an app a little game for that. Leasing Options has created a 30-second game that aims to offer you a more concrete appreciation of what it’s like to be this insanely rich. All you have to do is click as many times on as many items from a list in a 30-second frame, and then compare your bill to Elon Musk’s $166 billion to see how much of it you’ve been able to spend.

The items include silly stuff like McDonald’s burgers or Netflix subscriptions and more serious purchases like a Tesla Model S Plaid+, a private jet, an average home in the United Kingdom, or a fancy apartment in New York City. A Falcon 9 launch is also included, as the most expensive item at $50 million, but you’re a multi-billionaire, remember? Don’t let the price tag stop you; get yourself that rocket and do some space tourism!

The game is silly and, to a clear extent, senseless. But it does help to offer you an appreciation of the kind of fortune Musk has been able to amass—on paper, at least, since this money is tied up in Tesla stock, which means it’s incredibly volatile.

To further drive the message across, Leasing Options says that Musk’s worth tops Apple and Microsoft’s net income, as well as their net incomes combined, rated at $102.8 billion. It’s also more than the revenue of the biggest carmakers in the world: Ford’s revenue is listed at $156 billion, Mitsubishi’s at $136 billion, Honda’s at $120 billion, and General Motors’ at $115.8 billion.

Should Elon desire it, here are some things he could do with his money: he could buy every person in Los Angeles a Rolex watch, buy a MacBook Pro for every citizen of the UK, or two pairs of Nike Jordans for every person living in the entire United States. He could also buy two Model S Plaid+ cars for everyone in Iceland or a Netflix subscription for every human on earth, all 7.8 billion of us.

Here’s the game.

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