Here’s a Business Tip: Open a Car Wash in China and Watch Your Bank Accounts Swell

Dusty cars in Beijing, China 7 photos
Dusty cars in ChinaDusty cars in ChinaDusty cars in ChinaDusty cars in ChinaDusty cars in ChinaDusty cars in China
We all know air pollution is pretty bad in the crowded urban areas in China. Actually, saying it’s just bad is like saying the Sun might be a little warm - it’s absolutely terrible and living there should be considered a hazardous activity.
But while everybody cries over the fate of the people there, nobody ever stops to think about the poor cars as well. After all, they’re the ones who get left outside overnight having to deal with all the dust and dirt and whatever else can be found in what they call atmosphere over there.

With the financial boom experienced by the country and the communist regime’s known proclivity to build as many concrete buildings as possible, you can expect most of the cities there to be one big, continuous construction site.

You know how during the winter, we all have to take the snow off our cars before we set off? Well, every day is a winter day in Beijing, where the dust forms a considerable layer over the parked cars in just a few hours.

You can imagine rubbing a brush over the dust-covered paint of your car isn’t a good idea, so we can imagine a lot of people only clean the windows, and let the wind do the rest while they’re driving, effectively spreading the tiny dirt particles around for a second (or is it millionth?) time.

If right now you’re thinking “I have construction sites around where I live, and it’s not as brown as in these pictures,” you have to take these few things into account: dump trucks carrying dirt in China are not covered, but they are filled over the top, so they’re effectively big, mobile, dust dispensers; second, nobody bothers to wash the wheels of the trucks as they leave the site, so their muddy tires spread that thing all over the streets. Then it dries and we all know what happens from there.

So, there you have it: open up a fast, automated car wash in Beijing and make lots of money. Even though, on second thought, you would have to be mad to bother washing your car except for your wedding day and when your cousin from abroad comes visiting.

Check out the images below, courtesy of, and go to their website for even more of the brown extravaganza.
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