Here's What the 2017 Audi TT Sportback Might Look Like in Production Form

2017 Audi TT Sportback 7 photos
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2017 Audi TT Sportback2017 Audi TT Sportback2017 Audi TT Sportback2017 Audi TT Sportback2017 Audi TT Sportback2017 Audi TT Sportback
During the Volkswagen Group press night last week, the company put an end to the speculation and finally revealed the TT Sportback, a concept car that most believe previews an actual production model, the third TT body style.
Now, what you need to know is that Audi is not officially admitting they're going to build one, but reports suggest they actually wanted a third TT model since they launched the previous generation in 2006. Usually, it takes about two years between the moment a new car is approved and its actual launch, so the TT Sportback should bow in early 2017.

And since this is such a bold design move from the Germans, there's no shortage of renderings to preview what could happen. We picked two that were well done and offer slightly different approaches.

Theophilus Chin'
s version is the red one. Besides adding door handles, a new rear bumper and bigger mirrors, he also changed the taillights back to the Mk3 TT production design. When Audi made the Sportback versions of the A1 and A3, they kept the taillights virtually the same, so Chin's changes are justified.

The green version belongs to Hungarian renderer X-Tomi Design. He also changed the wheels, the mirrors and parts of the bumpers, but left the taillights from the concept. We'd argue they make the TT Sportback more interesting to look at than its coupe and roadster cousins.

Regardless of which design Audi chooses, the boot will be taller and there will be extra legroom in the back. Audi wouldn't let anybody sit inside its brand new concept, since it's the only one in the world. So we can't actually tell you what rear headroom is like. One thing is certain though: it's not a Rolls-Royce back there and not even on par with a regular compact.

At almost 4.5 meters (177 inches) in length, the five-door coupe is not even in the same length class as the regular model, more like a CLA-Class rival. It's also expected to be slightly wider and, understandably, a bit heavier. Powertrains will carry over, mostly 2-liter turbo units of both petrol and diesel nature.

It's a bit early to talk about pricing, but adding an extra pair of doors on the similarly sized A3 costs around €1,500, so we expect the TT Sportback to sticker from €37,000.
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