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Here's What Christian Von Koenigsegg Thinks of Elon Musk

Being a CEO and a legend among passionate car owners is not an easy feat to achieve. It takes a lot of work, tons of scheduling, and many kept promises. Christian von Koenigsegg and Elon Musk reached this status because they shared that thriving passion for mobility. Now, one talks about the other.
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Elon MuskChristian Von KoenigseggElon MuskChristian Von KoenigseggElon Musk
In the current automotive world, you won’t find many CEOs as popular as these two blokes. One’s known for an insane amount of stubbornness regarding propulsion systems. At the same time, the other has gained fame by putting performance and next-level technology as top priorities. They’re both amazing in their own way. Musk and von Koenigsegg did a lot for the car industry and its people.

With this information in mind, it’s nice to hear what two greats think of one another, especially when it’s done in a friendly, laid-back environment. Christian von Koenigsegg talked with Jason Stein on his podcast about many things. However, one of the topics involved this perception that the media has about the CEOs. The host told the Swedish man that major newspapers are writing pieces about him and Elon Musk where they are praised as “worth watching.” When asked what it means to him to be put so close to Tesla’s boss, he said, “it’s a great honor.”

Christian von Koenigsegg pointed out that he found Elon Musk to be interesting since his early days of worldwide celebrity as an accomplished businessman but admits he didn’t quite catch Tesla’s man with the plan when he was at PayPal. He found out about him later when he read an article that said Musk was now getting into the rocket business. “It’s amazing what he has achieved,” said Koenigsegg’s founder and CEO. “I’m a great fan.”

“I’ve been following him quite closely. He’s a guy with a similar mindset. Anything is possible. Maybe I would’ve gotten into rockets too if I sold something for a billion dollars. (…) I managed to buy some shares close to Tesla’s IPO and it was an easy way to make money,” followed up Christian von Koenigsegg.

He’s also confident that electrification is needed and reaffirms his commitment to innovate in this sector. Exactly how this will happen remains a mystery, as he also underlines renewable fuels are something he focuses on. Koenigsegg will go fully electric, but not in the short term. The Swedish CEO doesn’t want to pick between performance and enough range.

If it were for us to guess, then we would say that a completely electric Koenigsegg would be something that might end up changing industry standards. Their push is not focused on speed only, but also on high-end technology. There's also a chance the Swedis carmaker will use hydrogen, but there's nothing that confirms this - yet.

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