Here's What Bethesda's Head of Publishing Had To Say About Starfield Going Gold

Recently, a bunch of poor souls from the depths of X, formerly known as Twitter, asked Pete Hines, Head of Publishing at Bethesda Softworks, when Starfield will be "knighted" with the industry term of "going gold." You can imagine that blew up and turned into an entire debate on Twit... sorry, X.
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To make sure we're all on the same page, in the gaming industry, "going gold" means a game's 1.0 version is finished and ready to be shipped (pun intended) across the world.

It all started a few days ago, at the time of writing, with X user Darren Flynn asking Pete Hines, the man in charge of publishing at Bethesda, about a "next-gen" update for Fallout 4.

For context, Fallout 4 doesn't have a 60 fps update on PS5. And on Xbox, it runs at 60 only through the now-defunct FPS Boost initiative. PC, of course, isn't part of this discussion.

Pete Hine replied, "Dunno if you heard, but we are shipping a new game in 3 weeks. Bit of a priority. When we have an update, we will share it." He was, of course, referring to Starfield's release date on September 6.

Obviously, Mr. Hines's response has triggered an entire debate. For and against camps were set on each side, "peacefully" debating whether or not his answer had a harsh tone.

Now here comes the best part. Another user named "M1sfiT" used this opportunity to ask Pete Hines about Starfield going gold and when the pre-download will be available.

Two very pertinent questions, seeing that in 2022, Bethesda postponed the release date by 12 months, give or take a few calendaristic days.

But the icing on the cake was "M1sfiT's" comparison between Starfield and Cyberpunk 2077. The latter was so broken when it came out that it's hard to think another AAA title will ever dethrone it in terms of bugs and technical failures. Saying CP 2077 was a fiasco would undersell it.

Hines didn't directly respond to the Cyberpunk comparison, but he did say, "Take a deep breath. I have an amazing team. We know what we're doing." In other words, he said, "Let us cook," which would have been a much better answer.

Starfield will be at Gamescom from Thursday, August 24, until the 27th, but the kicker is that you can't play it. They will showcase the game and present some new gameplay features and whatnot, but you won't be getting your hands on it.

Now this could be interpreted as a bad omen. We're less than 24 days away from the grand release, and the build from Gamescom is inaccessible to the audience.

The game could be in shipshape (pun intended) with no significant issues at launch, and this all could be coincidental. The version from the showfloor could not represent the final product, so maybe Bethesda didn't want a hands-on disparity between it and the full version.

We're letting them cook, but on September 6, we'll see if this is another CP 2077 disaster. Some call Starfield the most crucial game Xbox has ever made; the one that will decide their fate after three years of little to no 1st party games and mishaps like Redfall and Halo Infinite.

This being said, Starfield still runs at only 30 frames per second on both Xbox Series X and S consoles, which dissatisfies players. PC is the way to go it seems, especially with Game Pass.
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