Here's Our 2023 Ferrari Purosangue, You Can Build One Too

2023 Ferrari Purosangue 16 photos
Photo: Ferrari Web Configurator
2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena2023 Ferrari Purosangue Interior2023 Ferrari Purosangue Interior2023 Ferrari Purosangue Wheels and Brake Calipers2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Final Build Look2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Blu Corsa2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Rosso Corsa2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Verde British
Ferrari refuses to call the Purosangue an SUV because of obvious reasons. But now it’s here and we’re obligated to take a proper look at it. After all, this is an established brand’s attempt at luring in buyers of other unexpected cars on the road, such as the Lamborghini Urus or the Aston Martin DBX. Take a look at our build. We thought of Ferrari Enzo in the process.
When everyone’s ready to electrify everything, Ferrari comes out of nowhere with a naturally aspirated V12-powered SUV-looking four-seater with rear-hinged doors. I, for one, awaited this vehicle. This portion of the car market is crowded, and the Italian automaker deserves the chance to take a bite out of it. If it will succeed, well… That’s left for the customers to decide. Let’s dive in.

We tried out Blu Corsa and Verde British which are more understated, but went with Giallo Modena paint for a very simple reason – it’s a brand-new Ferrari and it deserves to stand out. And what better way to make sure your new high-performance and luscious SUV is noticed than picking a bold color, right? Moreover, it compliments the shape of the vehicle. Granted, we could’ve chosen Rosso Corsa, but Enzo Ferrari chose yellow for the marque’s emblem. This is a courageous new step for the Italian automaker, so our SUV-shaped Purosangue should also be able to reflect that.

The total color selection available in the online configurator comprises 22 options that are special, solid, metallic, and historical. There’s even a new shade of black paint called Nero Purosangue which might indicate that Ferrari’s anticipating customers will want a bit of an understated look for their V-12 powered four-door from Maranello.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena
Photo: Ferrari Web Configurator
But the exterior color can always be changed, as the Italian carmaker offers personalization services that can extend well beyond what’s available as standard. It makes the building process almost limitless – for a price, that is.

Making the right choices

The next step is choosing the roof and we went with the panoramic option. Even though it does not open, this naturally aspirated V12-powered vehicle will get to visit a lot of interesting places and passengers deserve the chance to have a proper look around. For a family of three or four, this is certainly the way to go. If you’re more into tracking your future Purosangue, then there’s also the option of a carbon fiber roof.

Now it’s time to decide if the bodywork elements will be in carbon fiber or not. We’ve opted out. This is a vehicle that will see more than just highways and city centers. Even if you’re wealthy, carbon fiber is expensive. Replacing after every adventure will most likely be costly. Let’s keep this in polycarbonate – a simple black that’s contrasting well with the side mirror lower housing and the roof.

Because we gave up on carbon fiber which looks a tad bit shinier than plastic cladding, the wheels had to also be changed. Instead of the glossy Cerchio Forgiato Diamant, we picked the Cerchio Forgiato Diamant Nero Opa wheels which go very well with the aesthetic of the vehicle. Of course, yellow brake calipers are a must.

To make sure everything’s right on the exterior of our Purosangue, we also picked the black ceramic exhaust pipes option. It blends well with the rear diffuser, and it keeps the look of our new Ferrari elegant.

Go bold or go home!

Now comes the hard part – designing the interior. Customers are faced with two options. They can choose the standard seats or the style seats. We went with the first ones. The middle portion is Alcantara, while the rest of the seat is leather. That sounds more comfortable for longer journeys. There are many colors and material options available, but our Purosangue has the Beige Tradizione interior. It’s a bold pick, but it contrasts the exterior in an eye-catching manner.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue in Giallo Modena
Photo: Ferrari Web Configurator
Moving on, almost nobody likes to have shiny black plastic in their vehicle, so we chose the carbon interior upgrade.

The last step is here! To make the interior a little bit livelier, we chose Charcoal carpets that blend very well with the whole interior philosophy of the Ferrari SUV that doesn’t want to be known as an SUV.

The 715-HP (725-PS) monster we’ve created could very well blend in almost all scenery that’s suitable for a prancing horse badged vehicle.

If you’re interested in ordering your Purosangue as we’ve specced it, then make sure to head onto the automaker’s configurator and look at everything we selected. Prospective customers must know that finishing a build online won’t automatically result in an order. Everything will have to be submitted to a dealer and the configuration process could be extended with some other add-ons that aren’t yet available for everyone to see.

Finally, Ferrari doesn’t publish option prices or the cost of the final build, but we can guess that we’re past the $390,000 mark. That’s a lot of money for what can be safely considered a lot of car. Don’t forget to share your build with us or tell everyone down below what we might’ve done better.
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