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Here's How Ionity Prices Stack Up Against Tesla’s Supercharger in Europe

Come January 31, one of the biggest charging stations operators in Europe, Ionity, will switch its billing method from a unique fee per charging session to one that is kWh-based. For customers who are not part of the Ionity network, that means prices would skyrocket.
Ionity charging station 1 photo
Presently, Ionity is charging 8 EUR per charging session on the old Continent, which is on par with what others are offering. From January 31, it announced it will be asking 0.79 EUR / kWh. That in essence means charging a 62 kWh battery (assuming you go from 0 to 100 percent) could cost as high as 50 EUR, depending on how much juice is left in the battery when pulling at the station.

Now that’s a serious hike, one that places getting a fill of electricity on the same level with buying 35 liters of gasoline in Germany. One other downside is that you’ll travel significantly more with 35 liters of gas than with a juiced-up 62 kWh battery.

Of course, Ionity will offer special deals to the people that are part of its network - read owners of BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, and Ford vehicles, so it’s up to the rest of Europeans to take the blow.

Or, they could find a Tesla Supercharger and get their fill there.

By putting the prices asked by the two side by side, it becomes obvious it is much cheaper to go for Tesla.

In Norway, the largest European market for the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S, charging from Ionity translates into a price that is 394 percent higher when compared to a Supercharger.

Percentages remain incredibly high when comparing the two in most of the places where they fight each other: 284 percent in Hungary, 267 percent in Croatia, and 240 percent in Sweden.

When announcing the changes made to the pricing structure, Ionity did not give a reason as to why. We could only speculate this is a scheme to get other operators to join the network, and thus earn advantages not available to the rest of the customers.

Below is a table of Ionity and Tesla prices, as they appear in a comparison chart that is circulating EV owner groups in Europe.

 Region  Price   Ionity  Price   Tesla  Difference        %
EU (EUR)  0.79  0.27      193
Croatia (HRK)   6.2  1.69      267
Czech Republic (CZK)    21   6.31      233
Denmark (DKK)   6.2   2.9      114
Hungary (HUF)   280  73.24      282
Norway (NOK)   8.4   1.7      394
Poland (PLN)   3.5    1.24      182
Sweden (SEK)   8.7   2.56      240
Switzerland (CHF)   0.79   0.3      163
UK (GBP)   0.69   0.24      188


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